This site is under migration! Coming up soon 🙂

Moving away from bluehost to Lightsail. I will be reconstructing this website, but in the meantime, I leave you with a few pictures and a few words I live with.

I am delivering a presentation at a Data Conference about Power BI in Microsoft Offices Fort Lauderdale.
I am in Manhattan NYC, the United States of America Flag behind me. Proudly wearing my company's jacket with the logo on my heart!
I am pointing to the camera and I have a backdrop banner reading in spanish: si puedes soniarlo puedes hacerlo

Shoot for the Moon!

Dare to follow your dreams, do what you love and put passion in everything you do!

Making life an adventure, I’m a passionate Entrepreneur and Computer Geek who also enjoys being a lifetime learner and go getter.


What we eat, what we think, what we read, what we watch and the people we interact with regularly, feed our mind body and soul. Being selective is the key.

Give back

The universe is energy flowing constantly, what we give , we receive. Ask the universe and you shall receive, but the most gratifying part of this cycle is in giving back. Lift someone!