Cecilia next to a frame that reads: "Don't forget to be awesome"

My name is Cecilia and I am passionate about life itself. I follow my dreams till the end, and always trusting the universe that keeps surprising me in this adventure called life!

I love nature, animals, outdoors specially the beach and anything where I can be in touch with water.

Activities I love: always reading interesting books (science and mistery are top), knitting, jigsaw puzzles, geeking out of course, exercising outdoors, quad&roller skating, sailing, hopefully water sports soon 🙂

I have been into technology and computers science for most of my life. I guess trying to figure out machines, mechanisms and solving puzzles drives me.

I speak different languages, being able to communicate with people and read stuff in their original language are a few reasons. Some languages I chose them by their country culture, and in the case of ASL (American Sign Language) because I realize I could be a bridge between what I learnt it looks like 2 separated worlds. I must tell you, the most challenging and cool language is ASL! 😀

Most of my family comes from Italy, and I grew up in Argentina, until I opened my wings and immigrated into the United States of America and I am a proud American now!

My 2 beautiful babies on the right! Love Dogs! How much we learn from them and animals in general…

Happily engaged to the love of my life! My partner in everything! Let’s conquer the world!